Socrates was on to something….

December 16, 2007

Neat study here using the Socratic method one hour a week and studying the long term effects. No surprise here

“the philosophy children showed significant improvements on tests of their verbal, numerical and spatial abilities at the end of the 16-month period relative to their baseline performance before the study.”

So is the Socratic method a verbal form of constructivism? The students are learning how to build their own ideas from the discussion. Neat none the less.


Better living through chemistry?

December 14, 2007

Inspiring coffee article

As a die hard coffee addict I find the quote of

“It has been said that scientists are merely devices for converting coffee into results. ”

I always have a vision of my college chemistry professor Dr. Hunt walking around with a cup of coffee and looking over the top of his glasses and asking deep probing chemistry questions.

I average 4-5 cups of that elixir of consciousness every morning and bathe in the warm euphoric glow of caffeine, but have my genes set me up to appreciate this wonderful elixir more than the average individual? Who knows, but what I do know is a good cup of coffee and I was amazed that there are unscrupulous individuals out there that would contaminate the holy morning sacrament of coffee with contaminates  such as corn or other filler products.

Just another reason to buy local and fresh. VIVA THE REVOLUTION!!!!!

The blog readibility test

December 9, 2007

Apparently I need to write at a higher level.

I found this tool that analyses  the level  your blog is written on. This could be a useful tool if you are writing for students at different levels to be sure that you are not writing too far above or below your readers heads.

The test said that I have written this blog at a middle school level.

Apparently I should have used this tool earlier so I could have written by blogs at a higher level. Or should I write at a low level for readability?

Give it a try pretty cool.

Internet Bubble?

December 9, 2007

So with all of the “new” web 2.0 applications are we getting ready for another internet bubble burst?

Still a very cool youtube video tha brings out some cool ideas.

So is google stock really worth $700 a share? Will they become the new Microsoft?

Science Geeks Unite!!!!!

December 9, 2007

What do you get if you mix you tube and a bunch of nerds?


I have already used the recrystallization video to teach  separation of mixtures in my chemistry class. This is a useful service since it specializes in the sciences much more than you tube does.

Will this become a trend of specialized areas to post content specific content? Or as bandwidth and hosting becomes more available will google just improve its algorithm to organize it all for us?

Useful none the less.

From the mouth of babes

December 9, 2007


Pretty neat read, 4 year old kid asks to dad to “google it”, sometimes children point out things about ourselves that we do not realize.  It is interesting that a company’s name has become that synonymous with a service.

I have never told my mother to “whirlpool my jeans in cold water”  but google has achieved that kind of recognition which is proven by this child quotation.

Another profession bites the dust?

December 9, 2007

Found this service that may eventually eliminate (or at least reduce) real estate agents. I probably would not find this as interesting if I had not recently purchased a house and discovered yet again how nerve racking purchasing a house can get.

But back to my point, how many service positions can emerging technology eliminate and will society adjust?  Will we have a sudden influx of life insurance sales people or will the real estate agents jockey into another aspect of the homes sales area?

Interesting none the less.

You can “Own” virtual property?

December 9, 2007

So, if I earn a sword in WOW I really “own” it in the legal sense. This article explains how a dubious transaction in the secondlife environment cost an individual real money based upon a judge’s ruling.

It really opens up a lot of questions that the arrangement of computer code on a server can be considered “property”. I can get my head around intellectual property but the person has not created the item they have merely earned it.

So what happens if I “steal” an item in the virtual world? Could I be charged with theft and jailed? If ideas are considered property haven’t I committed a crime?

Times they are a changin.

Will teachers become the New Luddites?

December 2, 2007

Great article about the Luddite revolution and discussion of their motivation.

I really wonder if we as teachers will someday be the new Luddites if society decides to become much more objective based and utilize computers.

How would teachers act if their need was greatly reduced due to technology in the classroom?

Don’t say that it can’t happen! The telegraph is just 200 years old and lets consider Moore’s Law.

So should society keep people around just because of tradition? That is kind of like asking if you socialist or a capitalist huh?

Still a cool quasi thought provoking article for a rain Sunday evening here in Kentucky.

Wanna save 5.4 million?

December 2, 2007

With gas maintaining its $3 price per gallon will this affect educational commerce? You bet ya!

I found this blog that states that if 1000 students in each state switched to distance education versus driving to class the savings can mount up to 5.4 million per state.

This really made me consider the future of brick and mortar schools, will they still be present in 50 years? Probably not in the same incarnation that we see today but the requirement that everyone be in the same room at the same time for class may be left on the wayside.