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Abberation of the mind?

January 31, 2008


Very neat, although technically dense, blog on how the mind actually assigns the tools we use as extension of the body.

So questions and suppositions abound. Is this part of neurochemistry that we have evolved allowed us to make the leap in using tools?

Lack of biofeedback seems to be interesting to ponder. Is the leap that we can assign or that we can use the tool without direct neurological feedback?



The virtual world is imitating the real world.

January 19, 2008


So the banks in second life offered really high interest rate returns.

Now the banks are defaulting.

Has the simulation worked too well?

Should we bail out these banks?

Wow, I could rattle about this all day.

Enjoy the holiday.

The Geek in Me Smiles:)

January 19, 2008


You tube video, kind of harsh but funny.

Remind anyone of Huckabee?

Who knew Stephen Hawking was lyrical?