My goal work enviroment

December 24, 2007

Found a great post here will we all eventually have a work environment that allows us to collaborate with our peers and students this effortlessly?

I just hope that the establishment will allow learning to evolve to a similar environment as a common occurrence.


2 Responses to “My goal work enviroment”

  1. Nate Lowell Says:

    This *is* my work environment … also my learning environment. To the degree that I can bend the educational environment rules to make it work, it’s there, too.

    It’s not a question of waiting for somebody else to do it. It’s a function of doing it yourself.

  2. madscientist76 Says:

    Very true,
    I think that I get a lot of interaction with educational peers but I still have problems teaching high school from home:)

    But maybe just maybe…..someday.

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