The blog readibility test

December 9, 2007

Apparently I need to write at a higher level.

I found this tool that analyses  the level  your blog is written on. This could be a useful tool if you are writing for students at different levels to be sure that you are not writing too far above or below your readers heads.

The test said that I have written this blog at a middle school level.

Apparently I should have used this tool earlier so I could have written by blogs at a higher level. Or should I write at a low level for readability?

Give it a try pretty cool.


3 Responses to “The blog readibility test”

  1. jsarnett Says:

    Don’t feel too bad…mine says elementary school level….and I put in Dr. Lowell’s site and it came up Junior High level! LOL

  2. Nate Lowell Says:

    Oh thank goodness! 🙂

  3. Pam Callahan Says:

    I must have used words with a lot of syllables, I came up with a high school level reading. Thanks for posting this site. It was cool!

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