Will teachers become the New Luddites?

December 2, 2007

Great article about the Luddite revolution and discussion of their motivation.

I really wonder if we as teachers will someday be the new Luddites if society decides to become much more objective based and utilize computers.

How would teachers act if their need was greatly reduced due to technology in the classroom?

Don’t say that it can’t happen! The telegraph is just 200 years old and lets consider Moore’s Law.

So should society keep people around just because of tradition? That is kind of like asking if you socialist or a capitalist huh?

Still a cool quasi thought provoking article for a rain Sunday evening here in Kentucky.


2 Responses to “Will teachers become the New Luddites?”

  1. Kim Dearing Says:

    As teachers, and for our own self preservation as such, we should be indispensable. Ever read Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind? A good read…

  2. madscientist76 Says:

    Nope, but I will check it out.

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