Temptation abounds

December 2, 2007

There is a problem that the students of today encounter, to copy and paste or not. Students of today often act as thought the Internet is just free information so they can paste together a paper to get back to playing halo 3.  It also says something that lifehack.org  seems that it is important enough so that they feel they need to write an article as to why a student should NOT plagiarize work.

I often preach to /ask my students about the ethical questions involved in writing a paper. Prior to letting the students loose to write  a paper I try to ask the students what they truly learn when they just copy and paste content into a paper. I also discuss the ethical issues involved in plagiarism but often my students still succumb to temptation and I am required to score them based upon their actions;(

So how  do we combat this? Obviously students will want to take the easiest course of actions but we must reinforce from different perspecives that plagerism is wrong and will not get them far academically.



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