The obligatory christmas blog

November 23, 2007

On this most holy day of consumerism I found this post in my gator from  First I should state for the record that contrary to what my wife says I am not a grinch, but sometimes the holidays really rub me the wrong way.  This post on the other hand was enlightening as to how the holidays could be with a little effort.

The next generation will be shaped by consumerism more than any other generation and  I like the idea of modeling good behavior for the little future decision makers.  This post describes and gives tips as to how make room for this years Christmas gifts early and how to teach children about charity.

Maybe there is hope after all.


One Response to “The obligatory christmas blog”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    I hate sometimes how we get tied up in the capitilist nature of the holiday season and do not sit down and think about what we really have. Friends, family, and our health. I’m guilty myself of seeing this time of year in the wrong perspective. I never understood Black Friday. Why would I need to beat a middle aged mother with a stick {Yes, I’ve seem it happen before…remember Tickle Me Elmo?} just be the first to get a discounted Wii? Greed is our driver and it is taking us down a road that is dark and scary. We should be teaching our children about helping out our fellow man instead of trying to get the most stuff for ourselves.

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