15 weeks and I am now a snob?

November 23, 2007

I have not posted in a few days. Maybe the holidays have distracted me?

I haven’t posted because I haven’t really found anything to catch my eye.

So I guess I will blog about why I haven’t blogged.

I could be a nerd for this stuff now. A person can really get dig their own little hole and get deep into their own unique interests. I have even gotten interested in a few blogs on quantum physics, not like I understand all the math, but it is still fun to read.

But I have also found something else out, I change feeds like some people change socks!!! If I don’t like a blog after a week or so I just delete it from my gator. I usually get about 50-60 posts a day so I like to thin out my reading occasionally.

To sum it up this class has required me to set aside time every night to fish for information in this huge data stream. (Get the fish and stream analogy? I promise that I did not plan it that way.)

Maybe Dr. Lowell’s last post comes to mind but I really feel like I am slowly morphing into a short attention span person and taking part in “mob activity?”

Have a good black Friday.


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