what makes a serious learner?

November 18, 2007

Is being a serious student, a mastery of skills or an investment in content? That question was posed in this post.

So do you just study and do things because you are already good at them or to get better at them?

As teachers we often try to get students to attempt something new and hopefully have a  positive experience. This makes sense, why would you want to repeat an experience if you did not enjoy the experience previously?

But  can you learn something if you don’t “like” it? sure.  Are you going to do something better if you have an appreciation for it, you betcha. But can you still learn even if you don’t like the content being taught? Yep.

So what does this mean for distance education, how can we get students to feel that they are succeeding will probably help them to continue to work on the area of interest.


2 Responses to “what makes a serious learner?”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    Like you, I feel that you can learn something whether you like the subject or not, but I think the amount you learn will vary. If you are into a subject, say science, and you have a huge interest in its contents you’ll want to learn as much as possible. However, if you don’t enjoy science you may still learn some information, but you will not pursue any outside studies because your motivation to learn more is not there.

  2. Chris Watson Says:

    In the comments on my original post, Mark brought up the question of why we’re using the term “serious” vs. something more attune to learning, like “fun” or “light.” Here, you seem to be seeing that anybody can learn what they don’t necessarily like. So the questions is should they have to learn what they don’t like? And maybe that’s the idea of serious, un-fun learning, the stuff you have to learn vs. the stuff you get to learn.
    Also, as our school moves in the direction of exploring online learning environments, I’m very interested in the conversation about how these ideas relate to online learning.

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