Technical Philanthropy

November 17, 2007

Really neat post about the XO laptop(originally known as the $100 laptop). When you buy one of these laptops another laptop is donated to a child in a developing country. Very rarely can you buy something for yourself that will help individuals in other parts of the world.

The computers are laptops that are allow wireless internet connections and can be powered by a crank or pull cord. Since the hard drives are the most likely devices to fail the hard drive is replaced with solid state memory. These little laptops are truly bulletproof and should take the knocks and abuses that children will inflict on the computer.

I really like the idea of allowing children in third world nations a key to success by allowing them access to the information available via the internet.


One Response to “Technical Philanthropy”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    I saw these laptops too and I think they are exactly what students need without any fancy bells and whistles that people get wrapped up in. Did you find the specs on the laptop?

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