Learning through play

November 5, 2007

Pam’s blog made me consider failure and how play works in to the learning process.

Isn’t that what we do during play? We try something and if it works, that is great, and if it doesn’t we try again.  Isn’t that what students are doing in instruction that is active and interactive?

So students that are playing are willing to fail and try things in a new way. Yes, I know that Vygotsky researched this and other ideas, but the failure idea brought it to the surface.

Good instruction would let students play with information in a way that allows them to fail and does not make them mad but allows them to approach the challenge in a different manner? Online communal instruction allows this play in a different way. You present an idea and if it works, others will build upon it and if not, they will critique it. However, if the idea has some holes in it’s reasoning, then hopefully the others in the group will help you fix your faulty reasoning. This reasoning is based upon others in the group behaving in a manner that does not overly penalize others for trying “something” new.


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