Do distance learners have unrealistic views?

November 5, 2007

Reading here I wondered, do individuals who take distance education have a tendency to over extend themselves?. “Oh, I can fit that in ” is an oft heard phrase. But then the time runs thin and frustration ensues. In the traditional classroom the instructor has the undivided attention of the students every week and they must be there to hear the instructor.

I am guilty of overextending; I dropped another online class due to my overexertion. So how do instructors solve this in an online class? I believe through the use of formative assessment. I know that the check marks along the way in my other class told me that I was not achieving at a level that I should have.

So I was wondering if students tend to run in to these time management issues with online courses more than in general classes?I would probably say yes since most people are generally not gifted at time management.

Are there specific types of assessment that need to be in online courses so that students’ needs do not lag? I think that there is a thin line that needs to be treaded upon lightly, the assessment must be authentic and not just busy work.  So how do you design assessment that keeps students on task? Make it pertinent to the subject and relevant to their interests and likes.


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