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Crayon Drawings Come Alive

November 30, 2007

I saw this link and my jaw dropped. The physics of this application are amazing.  Can’t wait to try this out on my own.

Check it out.


mobile reader

November 24, 2007

Technology gets  more and more mobile!!

This could really add to my O.C.D and internet addiction.  The review of the amazon kindle wasn’t all that great but the realization of where technology is going really gave me some ideas.

At the school that I taught at previous to Rowan County I always kidded the librarian that she would need to retire before technology made he job obsolete. It was a friendly rivalry since she always told me not to catch any more students on fire (for the record it was not my fault).

But these types of readers really could make the library a thing of the past, especially when you consider projects such as google books.

But none the less a very interesting idea to consider, any book or article that you desire on your handy dandy tablet.

Procrastination flow chart

November 23, 2007

A friend sent this to me and I think that their supposition may be correct.  I seem to be in this loop all of the time when on the net and/or I have something to do.

So how do we combat this when we have students working on the net for a project? Our school has a “blocker” program that will allow you to lock down the computers in a lab so only certain web sites may be visited. But I always seem to consider that dosen’t that take some of the true exploration out of the web as a resource and place you in an automated text book mode? You are just telling the kids to read or use these pages to get your information  from.

But then I always argue that I work best if I compete projects a little at a time, say 15 minute chunks of work then I go back and review/refine  what I have accomplished. That is what I tell myself but then I don’t seem to do enough of those 15 minute chunks and I stay up all night typing. Ahh….the wonders of modern life.

The obligatory christmas blog

November 23, 2007

On this most holy day of consumerism I found this post in my gator from  First I should state for the record that contrary to what my wife says I am not a grinch, but sometimes the holidays really rub me the wrong way.  This post on the other hand was enlightening as to how the holidays could be with a little effort.

The next generation will be shaped by consumerism more than any other generation and  I like the idea of modeling good behavior for the little future decision makers.  This post describes and gives tips as to how make room for this years Christmas gifts early and how to teach children about charity.

Maybe there is hope after all.

15 weeks and I am now a snob?

November 23, 2007

I have not posted in a few days. Maybe the holidays have distracted me?

I haven’t posted because I haven’t really found anything to catch my eye.

So I guess I will blog about why I haven’t blogged.

I could be a nerd for this stuff now. A person can really get dig their own little hole and get deep into their own unique interests. I have even gotten interested in a few blogs on quantum physics, not like I understand all the math, but it is still fun to read.

But I have also found something else out, I change feeds like some people change socks!!! If I don’t like a blog after a week or so I just delete it from my gator. I usually get about 50-60 posts a day so I like to thin out my reading occasionally.

To sum it up this class has required me to set aside time every night to fish for information in this huge data stream. (Get the fish and stream analogy? I promise that I did not plan it that way.)

Maybe Dr. Lowell’s last post comes to mind but I really feel like I am slowly morphing into a short attention span person and taking part in “mob activity?”

Have a good black Friday.

what makes a serious learner?

November 18, 2007

Is being a serious student, a mastery of skills or an investment in content? That question was posed in this post.

So do you just study and do things because you are already good at them or to get better at them?

As teachers we often try to get students to attempt something new and hopefully have a  positive experience. This makes sense, why would you want to repeat an experience if you did not enjoy the experience previously?

But  can you learn something if you don’t “like” it? sure.  Are you going to do something better if you have an appreciation for it, you betcha. But can you still learn even if you don’t like the content being taught? Yep.

So what does this mean for distance education, how can we get students to feel that they are succeeding will probably help them to continue to work on the area of interest.

No excuses anymore

November 17, 2007

How many ways can you tell the same story? At least fifty apparently. An original film was redone with 50 different tools to show the variety of option available to use today. These look different but they all contain the same core information to be transmitted. Isn’t this what we are doing in education? using different tools to communicate ideas to our students. But still a lot of good video permutations of a short film.

So I guess there is no excuse for me not to have paths to communicate huh?

Technical Philanthropy

November 17, 2007

Really neat post about the XO laptop(originally known as the $100 laptop). When you buy one of these laptops another laptop is donated to a child in a developing country. Very rarely can you buy something for yourself that will help individuals in other parts of the world.

The computers are laptops that are allow wireless internet connections and can be powered by a crank or pull cord. Since the hard drives are the most likely devices to fail the hard drive is replaced with solid state memory. These little laptops are truly bulletproof and should take the knocks and abuses that children will inflict on the computer.

I really like the idea of allowing children in third world nations a key to success by allowing them access to the information available via the internet.

Mouse 2.0?

November 17, 2007

I found this video on one of the other science blogs that I read. The first thing that popped into my mind was that OK here is another piece of useless crap like the power glove from my misspent middle school years as a Nintendo addict.

But no this seems to be different, and maybe useful. I can only imagine how creative individuals could use this minority report type of interface to control computer applications. Maybe an immersive environment that allows you to read a “blog cloud”?

But interesting none the less.

Neat video, just not useful to teach electricity;(

November 15, 2007

 60 second science
I found this in my wanderings on the net, really neat. What is it that they have captured? I know that they are teaching well. How do you get that “lightning in the bottle”. Why can’t I just go in an teach with the ability that they have here in this clip?

Is it just that I am seeing this video from a science teacher/geeks standpoint?

Who knows. But cool none the less.