Blog dynamics

October 31, 2007

Dr. Lowell questions the motivation of why people blog here. The motivation for writing a blog varies by person, to say that all people can learn the best from a blog is a stretch. Do some people communiate to a larger community in different manners? of course don’t artists do this all the time?

But back to why people blog?  If we take out the people who are forced to blog for an assignment I think that you will find a variety of reasons to blog. Political, social and financial reasons are all there and accounted for in the blog sphere but the group that is the most interesting to me is the group that blogs for enrichment or interest in a subject.

When you begin narrowing the topic that you are interested in it is hard to walk down to the local hang out and talk about it in depth with people. The same thing happens with forums on specialized topics to a similar extent, except the audience is already present.  Forums attract people with an interest in the topic since all of the individuals are already aggregated together.

The blog sphere work differently in that if you want people to hear your voice you need to attract them to you. If a person wants to get their message heard they must concentrate on a specific audience and determine that tone that they want to convey. If the writing and comments are good the blogger may develop a following of individuals that will engage in discussion about the specifics of the topic of interest. The beauty of blogging is that you have an empty area that you may fill with whatever you would like and there does not already have to be a forum or discussion board previously established.

You my have some of the most beautiful and insightful ideas that have ever been developed but if no one will listen to yo they may go unnoticed.


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