Distance ed versus “real” classes

October 30, 2007

Barbara made me think about classes in person versus distance education classes. I agree students should be learning the same information since  the students whether in person or at a distance are earning a credit. But the class should and look different when taught as a traditional class versus an online learning experience.

The online environment would likely be an exchange of ideas based upon product exchange over a distance. By product I mean what the student produces whether a blog post, an animation or a podcast. The other students can then view the product and add their own thoughts about the product.

A traditional class would look like….a traditional class with the participants in rows or maybe a circle discussing in person what they have learned and writing papers about various topics.

Both of these styles depend on the instructor or person leading the educational experience. Both can be great or terrible, we have all been there, but both can teach the same content just in different manners.


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