Change the assesment in schools

October 28, 2007

All of the talk of assessment reminded of me what we are checking for, the skills needed to succeed in the real world. Jason discussed here a new approach to the design of the school that places emphasis on the reason behind organized education, to prepare people to be well rounded and able to succeed in the world.

Kids Are No Longer Expected To Earn Their Rewards Every year the school system in the U.S. marches farther and farther down the path to just giving kids credit for being present, rather than for actually learning and doing the work. At some schools students have to be unable to learn or apply over half of the material taught in the class before they fail! What’s the point of the class if you only require them to learn half of the material?

I don’t want to sound like some nut job fundamentalist but in lieu of some effects of the flattening of the world a new approach needs to be taken. I feel that we have become so keen on patting ourselves on the back that even though our educational system is falling behind on the global scale Americans remain unresponsive to the problem.

I am not advocating fundamentalism, I think that students should also have exposure to the liberal arts. But the central ideas that drive our society uses to guide assessment goals needs to be revisited to deal with the changing of the world.


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