Am I being watched?

October 28, 2007

Obviously I am writing this blog as part of a class and we are discussing assessment. But how am I being assessed in this class? The answer? By my writings in this blog, which is an open ended assessment. I am allowed to write whatever I want on a topic which allows me a fair amount of individual freedom to explore and discuss topics with others.

But upon further consideration, isn’t everyone in the class watching me take a test every time I compose a post, just in the same way as I review their assessment every time they compose a post? This made me think that the lines between assessment and learning can blur in distance education. I am graded on my learning by reviewing how well I am able to add new information to my current body of knowledge and construct new meanings out of the material.

This approach may sound very similar to learning in context in the classroom, but there is something more organic about the experience. I sometimes consider it an even better environment for learning since the discussions do not have to take place in the time during the class meetings. I often catch myself considering and thinking about blog posts on my way to school in the morning or during my drives to Lexington on Monday or Tuesday nights. When interacting during a lecture or “in class” discussion we have all left the class with other questions on our mind or only to think of a great comment or discussion.

So to sum it up, distance ed in a sense allows me to take my test during the whole semester, but I just have several other individuals watching and helping me with the assessment along the way.


One Response to “Am I being watched?”

  1. Nate Lowell Says:

    It’s not just everybody in the class. You’re blogging in the open so you’re being watched by the world.

    No pressure. 🙂

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