Just so you know

October 24, 2007

I now officially declare myself an “information addict”. I attempt to stay away from the term Internet junkie since it sounds so tawdry and common. You may wonder why I say this. I have noticed that the content that I look at is varied and immense (I usually spend 2 hours an evening on the net).
This evening stood out particularly well after reading here how to avoid a monkey attack (apparently an official in New Delhi was killed by monkeys.) I was directed here by one of the blogs I read,please don’t think I stay awake at night thinking that the monkeys are going to get me;)

Then on to a more relavent piece that I found here that pertained to the educational theories that we have been discussing. Pretty useful but the contrast really struck me, am I the unique one or do all people wander the Internet aimlessly also? Am I really just constructing new information by roaming the net aimlessly? Also I wondered about another distance ed problem, how do we keep students on task when the net is out there to let them look at anything that they are interested in? I often get on to specifically look at stuff for distance education but end up roaming for a few hours. Just a thought.


2 Responses to “Just so you know”

  1. Tippi Thompson Says:

    I don’t know what the solution is to keeping students on task while using the Internet. No doubt the Internet has become a valuable tool in our lives, but nonetheless it is definitely very distacting too. While surfing the net, I too find myself buried in hyperlinks and don’t know how to get back.

  2. ennaxor314 Says:

    I used to roam so aimlessly myself. Well, I actually roamed quite purposfully since I had several news and photo sites as well as blogs that I HAD to check every day. But then as you said, you end up spinning off even from them and before you know it you are spending hours a day without much to show for it. Maybe a few downloads and some trivial information. I cut myself off a few months a go when I moved to a place without cable internet. They only offered dsl at twice the price so I chose not to have internet at home. This would have been almost unimaginable to me then, but I really don’t miss any of those sites now.

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