Is education a science?

October 20, 2007

Wow what a question! Science is based upon theories. Do we have theories to describe educations yes, lots of them. Can we back them up with data yep, even so.

So do I feel that education is a science yep, but with some explanation necessary. Other fields of science can make predictions of phenomena that allow high levels of prediction. For example newtons laws allow us to predict phenomenon to many decimal places, educational theories do not allow us that much predictive power. This could be due to the whole unpredictability of the thing or things that we are studying, people.

So yes education is a science but sometimes the art part of education comes in when to apply different techniques for the best result based upon educational situation.


3 Responses to “Is education a science?”

  1. BArbara Nantz Says:

    I would like to add to your education is a science, that it is an ever changing science. I think we need to look for different ways, theories if must call them that, in order meet the needs of our students of today. I don’t think that we had grandparents and computerized games and TV raising our children when the theories first came out. This leads to new theories or at least changing the science behind the theory.

  2. Nate Lowell Says:

    “Changing the science behind the theory” …

    Hm. I have a little problem with this.

    When Newton came up with the theory of gravity we didnt have airplanes and space craft. Does that mean we had to change science in order to fly?

  3. madscientist76 Says:

    Good point,
    Newtons ideas were the best that we had at the time They described the ways things happen on earth at normal gravity but do not work at fast speeds or high gravity. Einstein just expanded our view of the universe and gave us new sets of laws to work with.

    Education has underwent similar changes though not as rapidly. We still teach much in the same way that newton taught when at cambridge.

    So we don’t have to scrap everything when we do research in education but we may have to modify our understandings. We are building upon our knowledge base of what works best in the social science of education via quanttive research.

    An airplane would have flown during Newton’s time, we just didn’t know enough to get off of the ground then.

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