Student role

October 14, 2007

Dr. Lowell posed the question, “In the dynamic system that is a course, is there more than one role for students?”

Students should own the course that we are teaching.  Students are the reason that we are teaching the course and in lieu of that students have several roles that they must fulfill for the instruction to be effective.

Active learner/researcher- The student must participate in the learning and become a problem solver. Learning happens more efficiently when using active learning or inquiry teaching, it just takes a while to sell educators on this idea ennaxor314 blog points this out also. Students must also be willing to act as a researcher exploring problems posed to them to synthesize new knowledge for themselves.

Critic- Instruction should constantly be refined and part of that refinement cycle is the feedback that students provide. Students can work out many snags in instruction and tell you when refinement needs to take place, in my experience most high school students really delight in telling you how the lessons could be improved.

Co teacher- Students also need to act as co teacher in their groups helping other students to come to the desired learning outcome. Teachers have all observed Students  teach each other in a few phrases what a teacher could lecture on for extended periods of time.


One Response to “Student role”

  1. Joe McConda Says:

    Good way to define the various roles of the student. I hadn’t thought of doing it that way, but it makes sense. There are also those students who see their role as something other than expected by the teacher. These are the ones that we need to work on engaging.

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