How does this happen?

October 12, 2007

Mass mis-communication are common in education Dr. Lowell has pointed some out here and here. So the big question is how do incorrect pieces of information get accepted as urban legend for teachers? Do teachers want to believe these ideas so bad that that they will use poorly researched information.

Alright so here I find myself on my soap box again but this is how I feel after my five years of teaching and four years in an industrial setting. Teaching are looking for one silver bullet work that worked for large numbers of learners. Why do we have to look for a silver bullet? funding is one issue but on two fronts .

The obvious claim for lack of funding is that the student teacher ratio needs to lower so teachers can concentrate more on the individual student so that the students learning can be examined for individualization. NEA says that based upon a few studies it sponsored that a 15:1 ratio or lower is ideal for student achievement.

My next comment may step on some toes and I don’t want to speak in broad generalizations but I also think that teacher salary also affects the quality of teacher in schools. I have found that in education just as in industry teachers who are really good generally leave for better pay. Yes there are those individuals who teach just because they want to but but there are also the teacher who are just there for the summer vacation.

Am I basing all of this on supposition or my own observations? Well after looking around I found this study by the wall street journal. So let us think about this , as a good compitent teacher you have skills that allow you to critically analyze situations and you can work well in front of groups plus you have a college degree. There are numerous jobs that can are dying to get employees with those kinds of skills that generally pay more than education positions. I also found another article here about reasons that teacher leave.

So to get back on task, if we put more $ good quantitative research based teachers can be retained. I know that you cannot blame all of these on monetary sources but a lot of times teachers just show up to draw a check, just as in other jobs also. But if you tie more money to those jobs you will have a better batch of individuals to choose from.


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