October 11, 2007

Kim got me thinking and considering copyright issues and the future of copyright laws with the internet thrown in the mix. What do student’s know about copyright? most of the students that I have had really know nothing about copyright laws.

But can you blame students since the whole time they have been alive they seen all of the information on the internet for free. Heck most kids in high school have never had to pay for any music either so if they have never had to pay money for media or ideas that others have developed why should they when writing a paper.

And I don’t mean pay for someone to write a paper for them I mean invest their time to do research. To them google has eliminated or reduced research that they will do on most topics, so how do we teach them about primary source and copyright of jpegs, music etc?

Will just warnings about the laws that students are breaking be enough? I think that teachers will need to include this into academic rigiour of the projects and research that students do. Curriculums in the future will need to be much more rigirous to account for the accelerated dynamic change that computers offer.


One Response to “Copyright”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    It is very easy for a student to google a topic, copy and paste the information, reword it a little and turn it in for a grade. They think this is acceptable when in reality it is not. We have to be frank with them at the beginning of an assignment and clearly state that they can be held accountable for copying another author’s information, be it digital or non-digital, without the proper citation. If they choose to ignore our warning, then we need to follow through with the appropriate action. A warning alone is not enough to deter students from taking information without giving credit to the right person.

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