Philisophy/Psychology/Education, which is it?

October 8, 2007

Found a clip on you-tube from one of my favorite movies walking life. Here is the link to an interesting clip that deals with language. I know its not a blog post but we should expand our media usage right?

After watching the clip some ideas about teaching came to mind . So as teachers we have to use communication to make situations happen so students form concepts about things in the world  in their heads that we call learning?

Wow that is a tall order. This video discussed more abstract philosophy but it brought home how hard it is for us to really communicate what we know. When you also throw in  diverse individuals into account it is sometimes baffling that anything gets taught.

But maybe that is what it makes teaching rewarding is when you can sense that you have overcome these barriers. So sometimes teaching, psychology and philosophy all skip down the road together huh?


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