New Century School House

September 30, 2007

OK you are supposed to model ideas that you want to teach. But when I looked at the new century school house web site I was underwhelmed. The project is an open canvas to allow teachers to adopt a “room” and describe an environment using technology to teach more effectively. But all of the rooms are so boring, all you see is a written wish list of things that would be used in the room and how they would be utilized. Why not use some other manner that is “cutting edge” to describe their ideal learning environment. Simple flickr photos with writing on them would be more useful and engaging than the droll list that is used now.

I don’t mean to flame this project because its goals are amiable they want to allow teachers to communicate and share ideas about technology integration and utilization in the classroom. But if you are going to preach it, teach it.

Did I mention that the forum is loaded with advertisements?


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