Engagement in the classroom

September 29, 2007

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink is an often heard cliche. Teachers in classrooms around the world face a similar conundrum, how to get students to become active learners in the classroom and engage in learning.

Our brains evolved as organic problem solving computers which allowed us to solve problems in our environment to survive, something new in the animal world. Due to this,  new information gets into the brain when presented in ways that work best based upon  our mental wiring. Games when stripped of all of their flare are using presenting  problems to us in a manner that works well with our problem solving “wiring”. The graphics help but seriously folks, would pong have been a hit based solely upon its graphics?  The challenge of continual problem solving is what keeps everyone coming back.

Teaching needs to plan based upon these ideas. Challenge students since we are set up biologically to deal with the world in a problem solving manner to develop new mental constructs.


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