Technology is still just the tool.

September 27, 2007

After reading Video Camera Off; Teaching On and the bashing that video lectures take in the article demonstrates that bad instruction is still bad instruction. We have all had teachers that are as boring as watching paint dry when they lecture, and we have all came away with bad experiences from those classes.

Good instruction usually requires the learner to do something and work with the information to become part of their body of knowledge. A majority of lectures that do not require interaction or action on the learners part quickly disinterest and frustrate most learners. When you add the problems that technology can present to limit interaction via lag time or connectivity issues and you have a recipe for an ineffective learning environment.

Technology is not the band aid for poor instruction.


One Response to “Technology is still just the tool.”

  1. Kim Dearing Says:

    I agree, but I have another thought. If we assume the lecturer is very interesting, does technology help, hinder, or do nothing for the presentation? I lean towards hindering, just for losing the experience of it being face-to-face. However, I don’t think this would be the case with video use altogether, but rather in the situations trying to replicate the classroom experience. Still working on my theory for this one… 🙂

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