Ham butt anyone?

September 22, 2007

I found a  cool video dealing with the usage of words and how we communicate over the web. The video brings up the point that our language has not changed since Victorian times but yet the world has changed significantly. Has this limited our expression since words can be produced by combining different root words. This happens with words like ginormous sp?.

With the increase in the number of communications that occur should new words be allowed at a large rate or should all words be required to pass a test to be used? Who would administer that test?

I wonder how distance will change the usage of language. With the huge increase in the number of communications will there be on-line dictionaries of slang someday?

It  illustrates to me that the way that people learn and communicate are changing on the fundamental level. In the past information and knowledge dissemination were controlled by a small group of intellectuals. The Internet seems to have opened up the gates to the “common people” accessing any information that they want and making there own interpretations of the facts. So are we at the cusp of the information age’s protestant reformation? Are the blogs the current day declarations of a generation of Martin Luther’s declaring new ways to communicate and learn in light of the computer technology?

Oh yea I almost forgot the link


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