Student web tools

September 16, 2007

What tools do students need to be able to use the internet as a successful learning environment? That all depends on what skills you plan on teaching the students. Let’s assume that the instruction is geared toward producing students with content knowledge of the subject of interest and the ability to use the new information in context. A few of the tools that I would use would be:

Web browser:  This is a necessity to allow students to navigate the web.

Web based email account: This would allow the students the ability to communicate over any internet connection.

High speed internet connection: The ability to view media such as streaming media is a very useful tool for students.

Blog account and feed aggregator: These tools allow students to communicate their views and read other feeds to reflect on their ideas about the subject of interest.

The great thing about this setup is that these tools can be used virtually for any subject. Since there is copious amounts of information out there, from chemistry to crocheting, the information is out there ready to be used for instruction.

The trick is to set up an environment that allows the students to work with and explore the information. If students must work with the information, they can internalize it and make it parts of themselves, thus displaying learning.


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