Learning on the run

September 16, 2007

I listen to podcasts. I like podcasts, but I think that as an educational tool they have some restrictions.

I have used and made some podcasts for my physics students. They turned into lectures that students could take with them; what good is that? Physics really isn’t designed to be taught verbally. Students need to see and work with information to get physics ideas in their head.

However, I do like video podcasts. I can produce video podcasts because they show an example of the movement or phenomenon of interest and students can think about the example. Then, students have a reference piece of information to work on instruction.

There are subjects that an audio podcast works well with, but many learners need a visual que to base their reasoning on. But help is on the way. Apple and other companies are selling players that will also show video.  Here is a link to the Apple store where you can now get an ipod nano with a 2in screen to view videos for $150.  That is approaching a price point which will allow many students to have one of these in the future.

I am not saying that audio podcasts are useless because in many areas they are extremely useful, but sometimes they just leave a little to be desired for the visual learners.


3 Responses to “Learning on the run”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    I haven’t really listened to any audio podcasts or watch any video podcasts until this class. They have the potential of being a good educational tool. I see you concerns for the audio podcasts, but they could be used for those students who miss a important lecture.

  2. […] 16th, 2007 In my previous post learning on the run I did not clearly relay my view on the strengths of video podcasts versus strictly audio […]

  3. BArbara Nantz Says:

    I just wanted to point out that apple gives out a tutorial for teachers that had a vodcast created by students on it that is related to Physics. I think you can get it off the apple web page. I’ll let you know when I find out.

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