Have your cake and eat it too!!

September 12, 2007

I found a really neat blog posting here  dealing with the “frosting effect” of introducing new technologies to student. Many times when we use a new technology students just look at the technology “the frosting” and don’t focus on the content that we would like to teach them.

Another good point that comes up in the blog is that when we use a new technology there must be some “cake” or content to go with the technology frosting or students will get bored quickly. Plus teaching is about the transfer of content and if we are not giving the students content what are we doing?

This blog got me thinking because I am using this microwave applet to tech heat transfer and phase change.  The kids really like the ability to microwave things but you must also be able to teach phase changes and transfer of heat otherwise the class is just icing and no cake. I always have to weigh this problem with new tools in my class how to use the icing to cover the cake that I am serving today.


One Response to “Have your cake and eat it too!!”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    I’ve been guilty of putting frosting out there for students, but no cake underneath of it. Although some of my frosting has had some cake and it was good for the students. I used a tablet pc, isometric dot paper template, and projector to teach how to draw isometric drawings. It went over pretty well and the students seemed to understand the content as well.

    Have you checked out a website called http://www.persuasivegames.com? They have game on there that helps students learn the periodic table. It may help you out and it may not, but its still worth checking out.

    If you see any Math or Social Studies tools let me know.

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