When will 2nd life become our first

September 9, 2007

I found a really interesting video here which discusses some of the learning possibilities available in second life. Second life is a virtual world that lets individuals participate  with others via the Internet.  A person designs their own avatar and can talk and work with other people all over the world .

The graphics at this point are decent but with the meteoric rise of processors and graphic engines I can imagine a day when second life will be very hard to discern from our daily environment. Here are some examples of computer generated faces that look very real and with the increase in computer speed could eventually be the avatars that second life uses.

Second life offers endless possibilities in education since any environment that you could imagine can be rendered.  Students in second life could work at their own pace and find other students with the same interests to work with and explore situations together. This technology eventually could allow distance learning to not appear that much different from face to face learning.


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