How do you know if a resource is reliable?

September 7, 2007

I was looking at this article about the reliability of wikipedia and the program designed to allow the user to check the reliability of information. My only question is this,”Who is the authority that moderates what is ‘reliable’ information?” The current system works  mainly by analyzing the reputations of the contributors responsible for each line.

So how do you get an online reputation? I assume by posting numerous posts, but what if someone saves up his or her reputation just to eventually “talk smack” about one of their pet peeves. I assume that a “reputable” person, after a while, could go unchecked stating anything they want as fact.

This software is just in development, but it brings to light the issue of how can we really trust a source on the internet? I know that many of my students take wikipedia as the gospel from on high mountain.

So what kind of checks will need to be developed to produce reliable sources? I am not sure, but I assume that all of those ” fact trolls” will tear down misinformed individuals. I guess this is just another one of those internet issues that will work itself out in some way that we wouldn’t expect in  the future.


One Response to “How do you know if a resource is reliable?”

  1. Patricia Wireman Says:

    I had never really thought about that before, but you are right. Who does authorize what is reliable? I guess we trust when we should ask questions and then trust.

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