A thought on curriculum

September 6, 2007

How bad will it get before we realize that we have been left behind? I wonder  as to how far our country will be outpaced before we realize that the current educational system has failed our students? I sometimes feel as though we are not doing the things that need to be done to allow our students to learn in the new ways that are available to them to make them viable in a global marketplace.  Other countries such as china and India are producing students that have a more marketable set of tools, in terms of education, than many American students.

Life, or at least in my experiences, does not often consistof multiple choice exams over inane vocabulary terms and definitions. The curriculum that we teach is designed so that students are rewarded by just memorizing and parroting what the teacher tells them. Decision making skills and problem solving skills that deal with real life situation are generally the most conducive to genuine learning.

The amount of change that goes on in today’s world focuses the need to teach students current information in contexts that they are likely to see it. Am I saying throw out the classics? not by any means but I am saying that the teachers should not be held at bayonet point to teach a prescribed curriculum each day.

Can schools function effectively without a curriculum? I don’t think so. There are some necessary basics of each field that need to be explored to set up students to achieve at later points in their education.

The next question that this leads to is how do we communicate to get the system to change before it is too late and the US is trampled economically by other more forward looking societies? Maybe with the increased amount of wiring and communication that our society is enjoying maybe enough people will group together to affect that change.


One Response to “A thought on curriculum”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    I think we need to review our process of education again and reinvent the curriculum and assessment. By creating a curriculum that teaches problem solving in complex situations and testing students with real-world scenerios maybe the gap will be closed a little more. There is no guarentee that such a plan would prove effective, but it sounds more beneficial than regurgitating information just to move on. We want our kids to think for themselves and we need to start pushing for the means to achieve that goal.

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