A new type of news

September 3, 2007

I want to share a resource that I often use. As technology changes our world and the way we communicate, so does the way that we get our news.

I have been an avid watcher of a web site named digg.com Digg is unique because it works by people voting on what the news should be by voting it to the top or giving it “diggs.” I really like the idea of news that other people vote on since it aggregates news that people with similar tastes like.

The news that is posted on digg is of a geeky flavor, but there are also many political issues that are brought to light there as well. A good example  of this is  Ron Paul and the presidential race. Will all news eventually go to a vote it up point? In essence, making news another version of American Idol? Jeez I hope not. However, if the groups maintain high standards of what gets the most votes, I guess that one could get all of their news in this manner.

Of course, from an objective standpoint haven’t we learned just what the news companies have wanted us to learn since the invention of televisions?

Anyway just a thought on the way that citizens get their curriculum of learning about the world around them. Could this be adapted for use in a class? I think so, especially if the group was of a large population and asked to scour the net for information about a subject of discussion. If a class set up its own quasi digg like site instruction could become very dynamic since students would them have multiple discussions and posts about the subject of interest along with web sites with lots of supporting information.


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