Apples are Cool!!!!

August 30, 2007

O.k. for the last few years I have been one of those people who was an ardent “Mac Hater”. In other words I didn’t really understand why people would want a computer that didn’t use the same software as everyone else and was a little more expensive than most other machines.

Well tonight I have drank the Kool-Aid of the cult of apple computers. I went to a training  on the Dataseam  project that is putting macs in public schools and selling the processor time to cancer and other research projects. So my first few key strokes on the Imac where a little slow, eventually I was finding all kinds of neat features that  Microsoft doesn’t have.  After awhile the system seems almost intuitive

The media programs such as Imovie were great because they talked to other programs to automatically upload photos without a bunch of unnecessary key strokes. One of the neatest features from the distance ed. standpoint is the built in camera that would make video conferencing a snap.

So in summation I have had a change of heart today, I guess I should have actually used a mac before I downed them for all those years. I stand corrected.


One Response to “Apples are Cool!!!!”

  1. BArbara Nantz Says:

    Apple lover too. I also went to the DataSeam meeting in my area over the summer an I like it so much I know own a MacBook and switched my major to Educational Technology. I was doing Administration until Dr. Miller came to the school and presented all this cool technology and a Master Program to go with it. I have worked and explored the podcast, imovie, iphoto, and photobooth if you have questions that I can help you with. Also, if you have any cool ideas about utilizing the in your classroom I would love to hear them. I came up with the idea of podcasting all the vocabulary weekly so they can just listen to their podcasts to review for test, midterm and finals. What do you think? I can talk mac all day if ever want to talk.

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