Were the “good old days” really that good?

August 27, 2007

 I found a neat post here that talks about some of the issues facing today’s schools.  But one of the points that they make is that the “Golden Age” of education never really existed.  I think of it as cognitive dissidence, we may have taught the 3R’s of education so everyone assumed that is what we need to teach.  Further inspection by modern educational research shows us that there is more to education that just the reading, writing and arithmetic, students must be able to use what they have learned.

The discussion also goes on to  talk about what the schools are expected to do to do now. The school acts as surrogate parents taking care of all of the problems of the child and at the same time teach ALL students no matter their background.

I guess that upon reading this article I feel that we as educators have more resources but we also have much more heaped on our plates. I don’t want to sound negative because I feel that the teachers of today can see if learning is really occurring. With tools such as LCD projectors and the Internet we can simulate phenomenon such as nuclear reactors which could not be conveniently used in a classroom setting otherwise.

Where education will go in the future will be an interesting process to observe.


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