Wow, you mean I can say whatever I want?

August 26, 2007

So I am getting my head around the blog and its abilities. So I can post anything that I want whether it be what happened during my day or I can pose questions about “stuff” that I am thinking?

As an educator/closet geek blogs seem like a really useful and dynamic tool for instruction. I attempt to teach interactively in my classroom and I guess that I should explain that. I try to make my classroom an area where learning takes place in context to the rest of the world, it may be best if I give an example.

I am currently teaching heat so my students are viewing,doing and discussing situations dealing with heat. The discussing seems to be the part that allows the students to make connections to the real world of their learning. For example after a discussion of water temperature and kinetic theory of energy of molecules students were able to figure out that due to the kinetic theory water can evaporate at temperatures close to freezing. That is a real life application that shows that students were able to use their new information that they discovered to explain phenomenon that they see in their environment.

Anyway back on task. I think that these blogs can be used to stimulate learning at a distance because people can still work as a group to form these learning communities to exchange,challenge and create new ideas, thus learning takes place.

So the week has been a success, somewhat reminiscent of drinking from an open fire hydrant but a good week nine the less. Classes start at UK tomorrow so I am not sure hiw the extra workload will be but I have broad shoulders;)


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