Breath in, breath out. Repeat as necessary.

August 26, 2007

Keeping your head above water requires many operations to be performed at once the kicking of legs the movement of your arms and above all the intake and release of air at the necessary rate. The last week has been a keeping my head above water week, I have kicking and moving my hands getting blogs set up and posts read and now I can concentrate on that whole breathing thing, plus catching up on some posting.
As a person who is more technically inclined than most ( in my opinion) I feel as if I have been missing the boat on a large number of intellectual exchanges. I did not realize that a blog could be used effectively to teach during a distance learning course. Blackboard usually bored me since the discussions were so dry and I had to continually log in between screens to check and see if anyone had posted a reply to my post, but the blogs and gators solve that issue. I feel as though everyone can communicate much more freely and quickly with the blogs and feeds we can look at the topic that the prof is covering but are also allowed to air topics that the learners find interest in.

I guess that you could say that I am finally a distance learning convert. With the use of blogs I think that you could make a decent argument that a learning community could be produced with the use of blogs.


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