Exactly what is distance education?

August 22, 2007

Distance education of today has changed dramatically from correspondence courses that originally constituted distance education over the last 10 years.  Today distance learning can be anything from a list serve discussion group that discusses ideas via emails or it can  be as  in depth as virtual classrooms that  allow students to conference via web cams and microphones.

Anything that allows the instructor and student to interact and share ideas about the subject of interest. Technology has increased the effectiveness and viability of distance education since the communication can be almost instantly versus traditional mail that is dependent upon geographical separation.

Distance education has opened up many opportunities for individuals to return to school and receive training to pursue new careers.  To succeed in today’s “flat” world the ability to learn new skills at a convenient time and at a distance is an indispensable ability.


2 Responses to “Exactly what is distance education?”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    The convenience factor in distance education does provide several opportunities for adults who could not find the time to pursue a career.

    Looking at children who may be homebound, using distance education will allow them to still be connected to the classroom. Participation and interaction with students will be available to them keeping their classroom experience intact.

  2. BArbara Nantz Says:

    OOh! I didn’t even think of that. You could also upload notes, assignments, and tape the lecture to up load. You have given me lots of ideas. of course, given he student has a computer at home.

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